Friday, June 1, 2007

And dance for all the joy

I was at a coffee shop in Atlanta, on a Monday evening before the sun went down, going through the Atlanta sports section for a second time. I saw the inside-page story, short, a Macon man dead in a football game.

I’d just been through a few weeks, a month, that I’d prayed as hard and as much and as meaningfully as I ever had. They’d found another lump in my sister’s throat. It was probably cancer and they took it out that morning.

“Lord, please be with my sister,” I’d prayed. That and really nothing else.

That morning she had the surgery and the news came back as good as we could have hoped. That’s what my Dad said. Non-malignant.

My heart sang and she was in good spirits, happy that the scar on her neck was just a little longer than it was the first time they went in and took something out a few years back.
Doped up and in a hospital bed that evening, she was 22.

And I read that story and it broke my heart for his family. Al Lucas, dead at 26. Where were my prayers for him the last few weeks?

Is it true that for every rise there is a fall? Does balance in this world give cause for guilt?
A billion bad things happened Tuesday and likely a billion good.

Dear Lord, thy will be done. And let us pause for all the sorrow in this world, and dance for all the joy.


Stephanie said...

Like your blogs - and REALLY like the essay.

Anonymous said...

Travis -- Very nice a rule, I avoid blogs; yours will be the exception...
David Spear

Maurice said...

Nice work Travis!

Anonymous said...

Read Tomas Hardy's poem, entitled: Hap. He wrote it at age 26. It is a reflection on life-events both good and bad.

Lara said...

I'm still dancing...
and still praying for those I may not know.

John said...

"thy will be done"--The prayer that never fails. My general rule is also--NO BLOGS, but you are now the exception.

In the last couple of years, I have lost a few friends--Seminoles, Bulldogs, and Gators to cancer. My daughter's friend and classmate is now considered a survivor. She was given her release from lymphoma last year.

Let's make everyday count. Live like you were dying and keep on dancing, AND keep on praying.

allison said...

reading this brings me back to the tears of joy our family weapt after hearing the good news...every family should be as blessed as ours

Kaitlyn said...

Like the way your mind works. KP