Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back from the moon

I spent the last four days visiting a friend of mine in Colorado and catching Widespread Panic at Red Rocks. Posts about peace, hope, love and other hippie crap to follow.

Right now I've got a lot of work to do. Who the hell decided newspapers should be put out EVERY day, anyway?

But there are two things that must happen, both courtesy of the fine folks at Georgia Sports Blog.

The first is a wonderful idea of how to thank Larry Munson, whose retirement is eminent:
The Echo Cheer (I have no idea what else to call it) is the back and forth call from the North Stands to the South Stands of "Georgia/Bulldogs." In my life, I've heard the stadium call only two things..."Georgia/Bulldogs" and "David/Pollack" (vs. Kentucky his last year). I never heard the legendary "Herschel/Walker" or "Terry/Hoage" back and forth calls. And I don't remember it ever happening for Zeier or Vince Dooley.

But it should happen for Larry Munson. And it should be deafening. A round of applause and a long standing ovation just isn't going to cut it. We need a thunderous, multi-minute back and forth during each of the home games. It should be audible from other SEC venues. If you've got a contact with the cheerleaders....make this happen.

And afterwards, if you want to enjoy that Victory Cigar, drink another cold one or smile at another co-ed, then all the better. I think Larry would be into that.

And secondly, if you love Sanford Stadium, America or people who are badass, go watch this video right now.

And if you hate America, you're probably an Auburn fan.

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That must make you the Rocket Man