Monday, June 18, 2007

Coach Richt and The General

So this is a good friend of mine.

Todd Unzicker, not Coach Richt. Coach Richt's just a guy who calls me for advice all the time. I always answer with "sprint draw."

Anyway - the change in Todd's life over the last few years is nothing short of phenomenal. He went from being one of the rowdiest people you can imagine (yes, I'm toning it down for the Internet) to being a missionary in Honduras.

He got malaria at one point down there. And I've never seen him happier.

Life's unexpected. By the way, we call Todd "The General" because he likes to tell people what to do. I could fill an entire new blog with stories about this guy.


Frank said...

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Nick said...

This story deserves fist pumps all around...

Gary said...

Rowdy isn't really the first word that comes to mind when I think of the "old" Todd. Kind of ironic that he seems to be following the same path in life that CMR did. "Give me a Go Dawgs!".

Erajh said...

Glad to see TU has found his calling in life.

kjpeters said...

I remember when I met you for the first time, New Year's Eve on Bourbon Street, just before The General tried to takeover New Orleans! The General was committed to breaking all the winning records at Harrah's Casino. Well, at least Coach Richt and the Dawgs took care of business when they whipped FSU...!!!!

Lara said...

Amazing...Dawgs are good people.

Ashley said...

Todd (The General) is also the best husband ever. This story definitely deserves fist pumps all around! He's an awesome guy! I thank God every day for him.