Tuesday, June 5, 2007

From the comments

Couple of things here:

Paul Westerdawg, who has a great Georgia blog that's linked over on the right there, notes that the picture below is from the South Carolina game. That sounds about right.

And whoever posted this (anonymously) is hilarious. I'll have to track him down and kill him, but funny is funny:

"So let me get this straight if UF is to Bolton, then UGA football is to a comet, comes around about once every 30 years??? right?? Sucks for you."

I think he (no way it's a woman - she would have had the guts to post under a real name) takes some liberties with the facts here, but it's funny.

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ryan said...

Wow. That's some strange logic Mr. Anon uses. Interesting grammar, too.