Thursday, June 28, 2007

God, he's ours right now, OK?

If you don't know Georgia fans, know this: We can worry about anything. I mean like you're up 21 against Vanderbilt at halftime and someone says, "But if they take the redshirt off that 1-star freshman, we could be in trouble. I hear he's fast. Plus, the ice is all melted in my bourbon."

So forgive me me if my heat skipped a little beat when I read this in today's Macon Telegraph.
When he retires from coaching, Richt will go into missions work of some kind, he said, and the whole family may be making another trip to Honduras soon.

Now, some background. Head Georgia Football Coach Mark Richt is a fine man and a great football coach. And he has always said he plans to be at Georgia for his entire football career... unless God calls him elsewhere. That's been in response to questions about him leaving Georgia for another coaching job. What with God being a Bulldog, that seemed taken care of.

Richt and his family just got back from a mission trip to Honduras. What if he feels the call of mission work? And am I going to hell for worrying about this?


Erajh said...

You have plenty of other things that will land you in hell.

Anonymous said...

you better be talking to your friend the general about the coach's future plans. i read on another website that todd is moving back to ga next month

Nick said...

I think God is okay with sharing with us for now

Anonymous said...

I've seen Hell, it's called Columbia, SC. Will I end up there if I blame the General for Coach Richt's retirement? Surely God wants Stafford to win a couple of NCs and Heismans first, right?

kjpeters said...

Do you really think The General already talked Coach Richt into leaving UGA for Central America?

Come on! The General is persuasive, but we've got the Coach for a few more years. Relax...!

Molly said...

Well then I'm going to hell too :(