Thursday, June 7, 2007

Spurrier, beaten and burned

I guess I could lie and say I'm practicing and just want to see whether I can actually post video here. But, truth be told, if anything my friends and I have ever done deserves to be on the internet, this is it.

It's a Georgia tailgate. And, yes, that is a Steve Spurrier pinata filled with tiny bottles of whiskey.

I laugh every time this girl misses. Every time.

And here's a still image taken after it was, perhaps inevitably, set on fire.

Thanks to Gary Battles for the video and, quite possibly, the picture


Brett said...

The best part about it was the mad scramble for whiskey, condoms, and smokes after it burst open. Who could have filled it with such things????

Nick said...


Gary said...

If that's one of my pictures, I want a royalty fee!