Monday, July 9, 2007

Me, I probably spilled whiskey

The other day the guys at Georgia Sports Blog put up video of Odell Thurman's 99-yard interception return from the 2003 Auburn game.

Paul Westerdawg called it "the loudest thing I've heard in Sanford Stadium."

That's tough to say, but hard to argue with. Normally I'd just link to their post, but there's a story about this play I've always loved.

A buddy of mine was in the bathroom near the student section when it happened. He said he heard this incredible roar and, when he looked up, the concrete girders above him were shaking.

He said the sound was amazing and continuous. But after about 6 seconds it got even louder and he thought the stadium might come down around him.

"Whoa," he thought. "I missed something good."

Very true. By the way, we won that game 26-7.


Molly said...

see, we can beat Auburn between the Hedges.

Erajh said...

What a great game!