Monday, October 29, 2007

The celebration

To anyone in the media who doesn't like our celebration Saturday: We don't care what you think.

And to the Florida people: We're glad it pissed you off.

Grant Blankenship, The Macon Telegraph.

As for where Saturday's win leaves us in the SEC race, I'm with Coach Richt. As always.

"Here's the deal, we're going to let everybody else talk about where we might end up being. We're going to talk about Troy. We're going to talk about trying to play just one more time. We're not going to talk about anything else."

Speaking of Coach Richt, this just in, he is the man.

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Nick said...

That was the most awesome thing ever. One of my proudest moments as a Dawg fan. To hell with the Gaytors who didn't like it!