Monday, November 12, 2007


Nov. 3 2010 update: the rest of this is terrible.

Uh, wow?

Guess I was wrong about the black jerseys being bad mojo, huh?

I'm amazed we pulled all that off. I never thought the fans - just about all the fans - would take to the blackout. Impressive.

I took a little video of the team breaking through the banner in black. Listening to it last night I'm starting to think that is the loudest I've ever heard Sanford Stadium. That's a tough call, but it's in the running.

Coach Richt has simply changed the rules of the game for us. Hell, he changed the game itself.

Who would have thought the Florida win would be my second favorite game of the year?

Sanford Stadium in all black looks absolutely other-wordly.

Is there any possibility that any recruit at the game Saturday isn't now begging for a scholarship offer?

I kind of want to head down to Auburn, Alabama, wait outside of Brandon Cox's classes this morning, then jump out and yell BLACKOUT! so I can see him throw another interception.

By the way, College Gameday, good decision. I bet that Williams-Amherst game was something to behold.

What are we going to do for Kentucky, burn down the stadium?

Does awesome even burn?

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Brett said...

No, awesome doesn't burn. If that was the case, we would have been on fire much earlier.