Sunday, December 30, 2007

Colt Brennan has two days to live

Just kidding, Warriors. Don't hit me with a rainbow, or some kind of crazy poi-encrusted BBQ pig.

Like a moron, I don't head to New Orleans until Tuesday. Safe travels for everyone else. Looking around today:

Doug's getting close to naming a No. 1. My guess remains 70x Take-off.

The senator links some really interesting stuff about schools that manage to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars by going to bowl games.

Stole this one from the Georgia Sports Blog, who got it from the Banner-Herald. It needs music, but is otherwise awesome:

In other news, it's tough being a sports writer. David, tomorrow, when I'm reading state laws relevant to a lawsuit between the Macon Housing Authority and the mayor of Macon, I'll think of you with pity.

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Anonymous said...

I saw that video on the Banner Herald about a week ago and there was was some good stuff! However what I really came to write was the fact the being a Heisman Trophy winner (Tebow) or even candidate (Brennan) must mean that you will be sacked by GA! We had a great game last night and I do believe Colt Brennan will be feeling the pain for a long long time!