Friday, December 14, 2007

What, no sprint-draw?

Doug at Hey Jenny Slater, a long-winded guilty pleasure of a blog, is counting down the biggest plays of the Mark Richt era.

At the moment he's on 19, and it's a great list so far. It's clear he's put a lot of thought into it, and he's got video of several of the plays, so be sure and check it out often.

But we do things half-assed here at Lucid Idiocy, so I'll take a quick stab at predicting the Top 5.

1. 70x take off, 2002
That's the one that beat Auburn and sent us to the SEC Title game in 2002. Beat yourself senseless if you don't know that and still call yourself a Bulldog.

2. The Hob-nailed boot, 2001
The original. The announcement that Georgia was back and David Greene had anti-freeze for blood. And, of course, we all already knew Larry Munson was a mad-man, but this reminded the rest of the world.
UPDATE: No. 2.

3. Pollack beats South Carolina, 2002
In a game that featured a tropical storm, an hour delay and at least one of my friends being removed from Williams-Brice Stadium for a stern 5 seconds, David Pollack managed to tally a forced fumble, an interception and a touchdown all on one play. It's the play that launched his legend and opened the door to our first SEC title season in 20 years.
UPDATE: Doug brings this one in at No. 14. Despite the fact that he is ridiculously wrong and I am right, I really can't wait to see what he's got in his top 10.

4. Darryl Gamble forces a fumble, 2007
Folks, we almost lost to Vanderbilt this year... for the second year in a row. Vandy was driving to seal the game. But Rashad Jones hit their running back on the 8 yard line, Gamble swatted the ball out, Dannell Ellerbe recovered, we drove down, Coutu hit a field goal and we beat Vandy 20-17. The season was saved, and we went on to beat Florida and Auburn en route to a 10-2 record and a Sugar Bowl birth. Anyone think we'd have a shot at a top 3 pre-season ranking and a path to the National Title next year if we'd lost to Vanderbilt?
UPDATE: This one came in at No. 7.

5. Terrence drops the pass, 2002
You know the one I mean. Florida, 2002. This one probably cost us a shot at the National Title. I still say David Greene threw that ball too high. But, as my buddy Ryan said: "Dropped passes are a bitch, aren't they?"
UPDATE: No. 4 on Doug's list.

That's my rough draft. Feel free to post the ones I missed in the comments section. It'll be interesting to see what Doug comes up with.

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