Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hawaii: Now with the Internet

Holy cow, I am moderately famous with readers of The Honolulu Advertiser:
Two days after UH capped an unprecedented season as the country's only undefeated team, en route to the Sugar Bowl, the Warriors yesterday also found themselves in new territory as the targets of taunts on a national scale.

Among the trash talk on blogs and other Web sites yesterday, Travis Fain, a columnist for The Telegraph newspaper in Macon, Ga., wrote "I want Colt Brennan's head on a stick. I want that pretty boy Hawaii quarterback driven through the Superdome turf. ... Destroy Hawaii."

(Hawaii associate athletic director of external affairs John) McNamara was hardly surprised.

"They only throw stones when you're on a pedestal," he said. "We've reached a plateau we've never been to before. There will be no shortage of critics."

McNamara welcomes "good-natured banter" and said UH officials "will certainly stay above the fray."

But McNamara hopes UH fans don't devolve into similar "mean-spirited" comments.

Seriously, folks, this is college football. There's no room for mean-spiritedness, particularly of the comment variety.

By the way, "columnist" is a bit generous. I'm basically a Georgia fan, who works at The Telegraph, who was asked to write a column this past Sunday. You can read it here.

And if John McNamara and the Hawaii faithful think that I'm a poor sport, they might want to stay away from Bourbon Street. I assure them, I'm a saint compared to some of the drunks we can throw their way.

Here's to a good game. And blitzing Colt Brennan until he's black and blue.


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switch flipper said...

I'm with you Travis, college football is all about smack talking and banter between the fans. If you can't handle that, you aren't a true fan of any team!

Anonymous said...

Georgia can't cover man-to-man-to-man-to-man...can they? Here's to hoping that the LBs can get to Brennan in 2 seconds or less or else they are gonna have a field day on us. I'm a SEC fan, but I think this game is gonna be trouble. We're built to stop the LSU and Gators of the world, not a bunch of dread headed rug rats running around like scared mice. Even the game against Troy that we won was not very convincing and they SUCK! Anyway, I got my tickets and my beer .... Happy New Year here we come!

Molly said...

I'm a lil worried that our guys won't get up for this game... but if the same team shows up that has been ever since Tennessee then we will be fine.

Nick said...

That is awesome, great way to become famous!