Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wrapping up

I'm moving all these updates into a separate post. An awful lot to be proud of this season, folks.

Beat the rush. Hate Hawaii early.

UPDATE: The Harris Poll is out. And Illinois has been announced for the Rose Bowl. It's a done deal. See you at the Sugar Bowl. Or the Citrus, if there are shenanigans.

UPDATE 2: It's official. The Sugar versus Hawaii. I worried for a minute that the Sugar would screw us and take Florida. I want Colt Brennan's head on a stick.

UPDATE 3: Looks like we already sold out our Sugar Bowl allotment. Glad to hear that. I was worried that the hype of possible Rose Bowl and National Title berths would hurt Sugar Bowl pre-sells. And while I'm linking the boys over at Georgia Sports Blog, I really, really like the sentiment here.

It is a long way from the Tennessee game to the Sugar Bowl. A long way, indeed.

UPDATE 4: David Ching let's us know the folks who gave us first place votes. In the Harris Poll it was Bob Socci, the announcer from Navy. That's just cool.

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