Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The death of optimism: Hey, it came early this year.

You know, for a couple of weeks there I really felt confident about the 2008 season, despite the schedule. Thanks for curing me of that:
The Dawgs must play at South Carolina (often a night game), return, prepare for, and travel to Arizona State, absorb that game and the effects of cross-country travel, and then prepare to host a motivated Alabama team the next week. Should they survive that three-game swing, a bye week awaits before Tennessee comes to town.

And that's doesn't even get into the at LSU-> Florida-> at Kentucky-> at Auburn death march that is late October and early November.


Brian said...

My optimism died at least 35 different times the day of the Tennessee game this past fall and look how we ended up. With my optimism dying so early this year, maybe we'll be just fine. I really do think our schedule alone will help curb the egos of our players and keep them from believing their own hype.


Nick said...

Sounds like you talked to ol Larry last night!