Thursday, January 24, 2008

Then we'll give you a rematch...

... though you will have to make it to the 2008 National Title game first.

This is just so damn ridiculous that it's sad. It's a letter from The Honolulu Advertiser's editorial page (you have to scroll down):

As a former player, I'm tired of hearing fans and the media say that we were overmatched by bigger, faster, stronger players.

Georgia players are no different than us; the problem was they came to play and we didn't.

Georgia was dominant, not only because they were good athletes, but because their scheme put them in the best position to win.

If Hawai'i (offense) had done the same and utilized/adjusted their scheme to put themselves in the best position, we would not be in the mess we are in now. Believe me, our budget and facilities have nothing to do with what goes on on the field. It's up to the players, and I know for a fact they are looking forward to Florida.

Georgia got lucky, and I say that from a player's point of view. We gave up big plays, which at the end killed us.

But it's over; let's all talk about how we are going to support the program. Let's sell out every game from here on out.

Lene Amosa

"Georgia got lucky?" Nice grasp of reality.

By the way, it does look like Amosa is a former Hawaii football player, though the university doesn't exactly celebrate his illustrious career.

Thanks to Dawgs Online for pointing out this moron so we can ridicule him appropriately. And good call on the South Carolina reference.

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