Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Your daily King

I finished "Where do we go from here?" last night, and have much to share. But, unfortunately, The Macon Telegraph does not pay me to type up a bunch of Martin Luther King quotes and offer comment on them.

But I do want to share this:
I learned a lesson many years ago from a report of two men who flew to Atlanta to confer with a civil rights leader at the airport. Before they could being to talk, the porter sweeping the floor drew the local leader aside to talk about a matter that troubled him. After fifteen minutes had passed, one of the visitors said bitterly to his companion, "I am just too busy for this kind of nonsense. I haven't come a thousand miles to sit and wait while he talks to a porter."

The other replied, "When the day comes that he stops having time to talk to a porter, on that day I will not have the time to come one mile to see him."

When I heard this story, I knew I was being told something I should never forget.

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