Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"He was just giving Eisenhower hell."

David Ching, who is the Georgia beat writer for the Columbus paper, wrote a cool story about George "Kid" Woodruff. Woodruff was a Georgia man and coach of the 1927 "Dream and Wonder" team that went 9-1 and won a share of the National Title.

I think this was my favorite line, from his son:
"He called it 'THE school.' He'd get mad if people didn't know what he was talking about," Woodruff Jr. recalled. "He just flat had a very fond attachment to the University of Georgia."

And this is the story the article begins with:
Take this phone conversation, overheard many years ago by Woodruff's son, George Jr., with Dwight Eisenhower -- Woodruff's old acquaintance from Fort Benning's Officer's Club:

"I remember coming in the back door and hearing Daddy say, 'Listen dammit, Ike. I don't care. You listen to me, I want you to get' -- and I can't remember whether he said (Georgia star halfbacks Charley) Trippi or (Frank) Sinkwich -- 'I want you to get them out of that man's army, and I want you to get them out now.' He was just giving Eisenhower hell," Woodruff Jr. recalled.

"I remember walking back to where my Momma was and she said, 'Who's your Daddy talking to on the phone?' and I said, 'He's talking to General Eisenhower and Momma, they're gonna come and put him under the jail.'"

Awesome. Thanks to the boys at Georgia Sports Blog for calling my attention to the story.

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