Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh, inspiration. You know she only waits a moment.

I keep this string of black notebooks, and when I started this blog I thought a lot of that stuff would end up here. But, for the most part, it's been two separate efforts. You can't really post a YouTube video from Rocky III into a notebook, I guess.

But I thought I'd share the most recent page, verbatim. Obviously the word "funny" shouldn't be in there twice. I have no idea what word I meant to use, or which one should be replaced, or whether I just wrote the sentence twice. I was probably drinking at the time.
We built cathedrals to our mistakes.

What are you, Dean Wormer?

When she came in I was dry-shaving with a single-blade, disposable razor. It was going terribly.
"How can you do that," she said.
"You'd be amazed what you can accomplish when your target is 'half-assed,'" I said.

The bigger the lie the more incoherent the facts can be.

Some days I think I'd like to go to Bethlehem and hold up a sign that says: "Please."
And other days I just think I'm funny.
And still other days I just think I'm funny. And a million other things. Well, not a million.

Callin' it your job don't make it right, boss.
- Cool Hand Luke

A man who don't care about himself is a powerful man.

There's a lot of ways to judge people, only one way to know them.

Vaguely unintelligible, hilarious, ridiculous, just plain wrong, depressing, Paul Newman, brilliant, brilliant.

By the way, Cool Hand Luke and Die Hard were on t.v. this weekend. And it was that AMC version of Die Hard where they tell you a bunch of interesting facts about the movie. Did you know that Little Richard apparently married Bruce Willis and Demi Moore?

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VictoratGaImproper said...

dang bro, with all the 12 step groups in church basements around us, there is no excuse for this hilarity to continue fastidiously and incorrigbly unabated.