Friday, February 22, 2008

Today's Lucid Idiocy

Just a random page from my notebook. This one, it turns out, was written just about the time I started this blog.

The "go crazy" line, in fact, is about this blog. The Mike Wallace thing is from my favorite car insurance commercial. "A Christmas Carole" may be the best piece of fiction ever written.

And I do not feel like a sexual dynamo. But I do snore:
God Bless us, every one.
- Tiny Tim

Hey, we're all contributing to the tapestry of humanity. Being woven, as it were.

I know you think that I might go crazy. And I have news for you: I will.

I got the key, to the Highway.
- Eric Clapton

Can't beat the world, he said.
Shit, I beat the world last week, I said right back. ---ker keeps calling me, asking for a rematch.

Isn't it amazing how women can just make the world stop.

When it's about Mike Wallace, the story ends with me putting him in the wall.
- Kid, GEICO commercial

Please, I'm like the worst suitor you ever had.

Almost all sexual dynamos snore.

Progress is often based on failure.

Those remote control boats...

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