Monday, March 17, 2008

Glory, Glory

"God bless these Dawgs."
- My buddy Shawn

I can't put it any better. Having not had the faith, I don't deserve to enjoy this SEC tournament title and NCAA tourney bid. But I think I will anyway.

And someone get Dan Magill on the phone, because this may be the most improbable series of events in Georgia athletic history.

Congrats to the seniors. Congrats to Felton. Congrats to the Bulldogs.

So I called up the NCAA tournament committee and I said, "Hey, where's the Final Four this year? 'Cause I want to make one of those signs that says "Next stop: Wherever the Final Four is." And there was this long pause and then they said: "Sir, are you a Georgia fan?" And I said "Hell, yeah! Go Dawgs!" And then I think they hung up.

Go read about it from some true fans.


Nick said...

We jump on the bandwagon well!

Brian said...

The weather forecast is not looking good for the D.C. area this Thursday and I've heard there are early discussions of changing the venue to GT's Alexander Memorial Coliseum.....permanently.

Glory, Glory indeed.

kjpeters said...

The question is how long will you and Nick stay on the bandwagon?