Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Best of luck with that

Better Bulldog bloggers than me have already opined on this, but I just can't resist. Apparently Paul Johnson, the latest greatest Georgia tech "football" coach, says the triple-option will work at tech.

Perhaps it will. But check out some of his justifications:
"Bob Stoops has done a great job, but they haven't been near as successful as when Coach (Barry) Switzer was running the option," Johnson said.

"Alabama hasn't been near as successful (since it ran the option)," he said. "Auburn hasn't been near as successful. It took Texas forever."

Sounds good to me. While Coach Johnson is at it, maybe he'll install rotary dial telephones at the tech athletic offices, VHS tape decks in the film room and those cool looking old-school toilets with the pull cords.

Georgia tech: We tried
living in the present.
It didn't work so good.


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Anonymous said...

Isn't tech fun?


kjpeters said...

The single wing will be next.