Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gym Dawgs: Bascially like your PlayStation football dynasty, except real and much, much cooler

Now that some time has passed since the Gym Dawgs won their FOURTH STRAIGHT NATIONAL TITLE, despite losing one of the team's EIGHT All Americans to injury, it's time to ask: Where does this dynasty rank among the most dominant teams in the history of collegiate sports?

We're out of my wheelhouse on this one (which has seldom stopped me), but does UCLA's basketball dominance (7 titles in a row from 66-73) top this? When you consider that the SEC is arguably the dominant conference for women's gymnastics, and Florida, LSU and Alabama placed 4th, 5th and 6th at this year's NCAA Championships.

I can't say. I see that Utah won five gymnastics National Titles from 1982 to 1986. So perhaps this is a better question, from T. Kyle King:
How does one thank a senior class that will graduate having never known a season which didn't result in a national championship?

I think I'll start by buying a T-shirt.

And also by cribbing off of USA Today, via the senator:
“You should have seen that list of the top 10 coaches in the SEC in that Alabama newspaper,” Yoculan says, referring to a list by a Mobile Press-Register columnist. “I’m No. 10. (Football coach) Tommy Tuberville of Auburn is No. 9. How many national championships has he won?”

For the record, Coach Yoculan has nine. Mr. Tuberville, does not.

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