Thursday, April 17, 2008

Herschel: I didn't think I would amount to anything

UPDATE: Here's a link to the whole piece.

Joe Kovac, another writer here at the paper, did a long, wide-ranging telephone interview with Herschel Walker this week. It's for a series called "This I Know," so it's really snippets of Walker's own words, not a traditional story.

We plan to run it Sunday on, but I thought I'd post a few snippets. Very little of it deals with the revelation that Herschel has been dealing with mental illness for most of his life. Most of it is just his take on life.

It's fantastic.
I know a lot about rage. Rage is evil. Rage is very evil. It is almost like a cat backed into a corner that's been there for a while. ... You assume that he's scared, but you do not realize that what he's doing is putting his defense against the wall so nothing can attack him from the back. ... He's gonna come out now ready to destroy something. ... That was the driving force that made me realize that I needed to go get help.

When David looked at Goliath — and I tell myself this all the time — he didn't see how big the task was, he didn't see how big the man was. ... He saw God. And that's what I tell myself: No matter what I take on, I'm gonna see God.

If you continue to tell a kid that he's bad, sooner or later he'll start acting bad. ... Tell a kid, "You're a king, man, you can do it. But you've got to act like a king. A king is not out there being rude to girls. A king is not out there abusing women. A king is not out there drinking. A king is not out there taking drugs. A king is taking care of his kingdom."

I didn't think I would amount to anything.

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