Wednesday, May 7, 2008

That could have paid someone to kill Steve Spurrier

Is there anyone here who thinks University of Georgia President Michael Adams, or any of the people he's likely to invite on a trip, would need a daily per diem to afford their meals?

UGA spent $2.2 million at the Sugar Bowl, "President's Party" numbered 89:
The athletic association paid for their hotel room and valet parking, gave guests and their spouses each a per diem for meals and paid for their travel to New Orleans and back via a mileage equation.

For those who stayed four days and three nights, that came to an average of $1,632.39 per guest.

Overall, it cost $137,895.88 to take the president's party to New Orleans.

Of course I have no problem with anything paid to Coach Richt. Or with the university picking up hotel costs and traveling tabs for certain guests. But per diems? Jeebus.

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Anonymous said...

Can u imagine what Red's per diem was during his visit? Wait, is he Black? and I'm Red? Oh well...