Sunday, June 15, 2008

Go Dawgs!

And Josh Fields throws heat.

How wacky was that. Dawgs over Miami, 7-4.
Miami (52-10) scored four runs on three home runs to carry the one run lead into the final frame, where they turned to closer Carlos Gutierrez. Junior catcher Bryce Massanari started the top of the ninth off with a single up the middle to extend his hitting streak to 17 games, and a sacrifice bunt from sophomore Matt Cerione advanced pinch runner Adam Fuller up to second. Then, redshirt freshman Robbie O'Bryan struck out, but a wild pitch allowed him to reach and Fuller to take third. Freshman Lyle Allen followed and delivered the game-tying hit, a single to left. In the next at-bat, redshirt sophomore David Thoms hit a ground ball back to Gutierrez, who committed a throwing error allowing the two go-ahead runs to score and Thoms to advance around to third. Senior Ryan Peisel added the final run of the game on a single to left.

And Schultz yesterday:
Dooley brought in a second-tier group of five candidates. That included {current Head Coach David} Perno, but most figured it was a favor to Dooley’s son, Derek (Perno’s best friend). Dooley, concerned Perno was only 33, had already told him not to get his hopes up.

“He called me in and said, ‘I’ve got to go in a different direction. You’re just too young,’ ” Perno said. “I politely reminded him I was about the same age he was when he got his break. But I remember walking out of his office and he stopped me and said, ‘Just because I’m going in this direction now doesn’t mean things can’t change.’ So he gave me a little bit of hope.”

A few weeks later, on the night of July 20, Perno’s phone rang. It was Dooley.

“His first words to me when he offered me the job were, ‘If I’m going to take a risk, I’m going to take it with you.’ “

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