Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hey, not too early. I sleep in Sundays

Is it possible to hate people so much that you appreciate them doing your homework for you? You know, like a nerd would?

Thanks, guys. From the hive:
this has got to be one of the most painful years in college sports that I can remember. UGA men's sports program is on top of the world, and is laughing at Tech. How can I state this?

1. Football-
a. UGA finished #2 in the nation
b. UGA won a BCS game
c. UGA went 3-1 against its rivals, beating Floridia when they rarley do, beating Tech @Tech by 17, blowing out Auburn, but at least they lost to Tenn and did not win their division

2. Basketball-
a. Won the SEC and did it on our home floor.
b. Beat the only rival they really care about in basketball, which is GT.
c. Made it to the NCAA when we didn't

3. Baseball-
a. Won the SEC
b. Won the series against us 3-2
c. Dominated us in the region when we only needed to win one game
d. Made it to the CWS
e. Will finish at least in the top 4 teams in the nation because they have not lost a game yet and there will be 4 teams elminated before they could loss 2.
f. They could win the whole national championship.

4. Tennis
a. Won a national championship

I'd been meaning to make a list. He missed the various swimming individual national championships and - shockingly, really - The Gym Dawgs winning their 4th straight gymnastics national title this year.

The winning the SEC tournament on their court thing was extra nice. So is the baseball.

Thanks to Georgia Sports Blog for the link.

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