Monday, June 30, 2008

Remembering Uga VI

UPDATE: From The Banner-Herald today:
Seiler said Uga VI's epitaph has not been chosen yet.

A few likely ones aren't available. "Damn Good Dog" went to UGA I, and "Not Bad for a Dog" marks UGA II's vault.

"How Bout This Dog," "The Dog of the Decade" and "Defender of His Turf" also are taken.

It always was uplifting to see fans of other schools, with their team colors prominently displayed, stop to have their photos made with Uga.
- Loran Smith

Just looking around at some more Uga VI stuff this evening. It truly feels like a loss. The Uga mascots are not just how we mark athletic eras. They are a living, breathing, embodiment of the university, a point of pride and a family's best friend.

I defy anyone but a tech fan not to smile in their presence.

MaconDawg on Dawg Sports:
His first season, 1999, included two of the most disastrous games of my entire University of Georgia fanhood: the Bobby Gaston hackjob against Tech and the Auburn game which was all but over before I'd even reached my seat. His last season saw a #2 national ranking, resounding victories over Auburn and Florida, and a rousing Sugar Bowl victory. I cannot imagine a better finale, unless Mark Richt hoisting a crystal football were involved.

And while UGA VI never threw a pass or made a tackle (leaving aside the occasional steak), he was perhaps the most visible symbol of a football program that re-emerged on the national stage while he watched. He was a furry, slobbering ambassador of good will. A Damn Good Dawg.

We'll miss you, buddy.

The Chicago Tribune, via AP: The identity of the dog that will soon become Uga VII is still a secret. But, Seiler assured, "That's been taken care of."

I even read every word of Loran Smith's column:
Last summer, I went to see the Seilers and stayed overnight. Uga VI slept down the hall and kept waking me up with his heavy snoring. I didn't mind. He would snore and then awake with some sort of garbled grunting sound. I think I could make out what he was saying: "To hell with Tech."

Today, Sonny called with the news about Uga VI. I felt that I had lost a close friend. And I have.

Finally, The Banner Herald has an excellent photo gallery.

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Maggie L. said...

Travis, I forgot to tell you this earlier but I had my picture made with the late Uga VI when I was in Savannah a few weeks ago. I need to find out who has it.