Sunday, June 8, 2008

Watch out, Omaha

The Diamond Dawgs clinched a trip to the College World Series today in better-than-convincing fashion, destroying N.C. State 17-8.

Congratulations guys.

The game featured some eye popping performances, including Chicago White Sox draftee Gordon Beckham's two-homer effort to tie Georgia's career homerun mark at 51.

This game never got into the zip code of being close. Some late inning runs, after we came down from an emotional high in the 7th inning, made the game seem closer than it was.


But at one point in the seventh inning I called a buddy of mine to tell him: "I don't think North Carolina's even a state anymore."

Not only were these last two series victories for the team, they were wonderful exposure for the school, and my hat is off to the fans who sat through the heat at Foley Field. We often get pegged as a football-only school. But all I heard from ESPN announcers this weekend was praise for our baseball fans.

Taking a step back, I don't know that I've ever seen, or heard of, a spring this successful in Georgia athletics. I'm beginning to wonder if we are witnessing a golden age of Bulldog athletics.

There are enough National Titles and other major accomplishments to list already this year that I actually don't have time today to look them all up and list them.

2008: Year of the Dawgs.

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Nick said...

Maybe we'll win the whole thing this time...