Friday, July 18, 2008

We're getting there

I have about eight questions for the season.

1. Who's going to step up at D-end?

2. How many games before the O-line gels? Remember the suspensions.

3. What's the receiving corps going to look like?

4. What will Uga VI's epitaph be?

5. Who is Uga VII? Other than "a badass plus awesome times a billion."

6. What kind of cups will we have at the stadium this year?

7. Will the Red Coats play that 100 year old "Red and Black March" that was discovered this year? Because how can they not?

8. Will Munson be calling home games?

The Banner-Herald tells us that, on the last one, it's looking good.


By the way, Coach Richt said at recent Bulldog Club meetings that we'll break out the black jerseys again this season, but he hasn't said which game. I have my suspicions, and it ain't a home game, and I'm not sure I can think of a crazier set of circumstances.

Coach Richt was in Macon last night, and touched on the defensive end issue. He doesn't sound worried. From Mike Lough here at The Telegraph:
Depth is a concern at safety and inside linebacker, true freshman wide receiver A.J. Green is likely to play, the offensive line is still a young unit with no seniors and one junior on the two-deep, and the backups at running back behind Knowshon Moreno and Caleb King will be young.

Richt feels good about the defensive line all the way across and noted that special teams will be of great focus, not just replacing place-kicker Brandon Coutu.

Chris Davis is leading the way at center, but true freshman Ben Jones is improving and making quite an impression.

"Ben is so mean," Richt said. "On the field, he's nasty. He wants to whip you, and he wants to tell you about it afterwards."


Dan said...

what about the kicker. I heard there may be a donkey involved if the freshman doesn't work out.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Luckily, I plan on the offense being unstoppable.