Sunday, August 31, 2008

As feared, Owens gone for the year

From Coach Richt's Sunday teleconference, per David Hale.

As excited as I am about our young tackles, that is a big whammy.

UPDATE: Jeff Owens is the freaking man. And the only silver lining I see in losing him on the field is knowing how hard he's going to work off the field to make this defense better. From David Hale:
On whether he's angry about the injury:
"It's all in the game. It's football. It's going to happen. I take a risk of getting hurt every time I step on the field. I know there's a risk, and I know that injuries happen. I've just got to come through it, fight through it and get back healthy. Injuries are going to come. I'm not looking down on myself thinking, if this is gonna happen, if that had happened. It's football."

On how well Corvey Irvin will replace him:
"No doubt in my mind he can do it. As a matter of fact, I look up to Corvey. He might not know it, but he pushes me. We both motivate each other. I know he's going to take over my role and be a leader of this defense."

On how well the D-line will do without him:
"They're still great. I was just a small piece of the pie. They're way bigger than me, and they're going to blow up this season."

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