Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Could Uga VII be a female?

In the latest issue of Bulldawg Illustrated, which is now available online by subscription, Murray Poole has an interview with the Seiler family. It contains the most information I've seen about the selection of a new mascot.

The Seilers say there are three puppies, all of Uga VI, to choose from. The family has already made their decision, and the new Dawg will be announced August 29, the day before the season opener.

And then there is this quote, from Sonny Seiler:
There's no written rule that the Georgia mascot has to be male or female, white or brindle. We've always been fortunate to have a white male and have been able to keep that tradition going, but if we had to change, it wouldn't bother me at all.

What are the chances that's a hint? I think it'd be cool to have a female mascot. Herschel and Munson aside, our women have typically been the best thing about us.

Can't say I'd like a brindled bulldog instead of the traditional white. But surely I would come around.

Each Uga is different. That's one of the things that makes them so cool.

Bulldawg Illustrated is available for free in bars and restaurants all over the state, and there are several items worth reading this month.

For example: Jeff Dantzler picks Georgia to beat Florida and win a National Title, then ranks the Dawgs 4th in his top 25 and puts the Gators at 2.

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