Friday, August 1, 2008

Honoring Larry Munson

Larry Munson's family sent an open letter to the press today. Hale published it on his blog, but the bottom line is that Munson plans on calling home games again this year.

Munson's like the soundtrack to Heaven for me. I want him to call Georgia games as long as he'd like. But I think it's clear we've dodged a bullet this year, and tomorrow is promised to no one. So I want a grassroots push to honor Munson this year in Sanford Stadium.

And I think this is how we should do it, courtesy of Paul WesterDawg:
The Echo Cheer (I have no idea what else to call it) is the back and forth call from the North Stands to the South Stands of "Georgia/Bulldogs." In my life, I've heard the stadium call only two things..."Georgia/Bulldogs" and "David/Pollack" (vs. Kentucky his last year). I never heard the legendary "Herschel/Walker" or "Terry/Hoage" back and forth calls. And I don't remember it ever happening for Zeier or Vince Dooley.

But it should happen for Larry Munson. And it should be deafening.

Amen. Munson's birthday is, I believe, September 28. That's the day after the Alabama game this year.

More information about coordinating things later. Go Dawgs.


Brian said...

I fully support this fantastic idea.

Anonymous said...

I echo Brian's sentiment. I'll gladly scream Larry's name till I lose my voice.