Sunday, August 3, 2008

Super Whammy: Player arrests

Well that lasted nearly 24 hours...

Look for more information as the weekend continues, but at the very least we're going to need a new long snapper. From The Red & Black:
A wild weekend of drinking and thrown beer bottles sent two football players to the hospital, two to the Athens Clarke-County jail, and two off the team indefinitely.

Georgia junior free safety Donavon Baldwin and senior snapper Jeff Henson were suspended indefinitely by Bulldog head coach Mark Richt as a result of separate incidents early Saturday.

Word on the street is that more players, including a couple of starters, were involved. But we'll see.

Nothing like celebrating being named the pre-season No. 1 team in the country by blowing it.

UPDATE: It gets dumber. From The Banner-Herald:
Saturday morning's events also did not end well for (Michael) Lemon, a former defensive end, who was kicked off the team last month for a more serious aggravated battery charge stemming from a fight in June.

Lemon, 20, was arrested about 3 a.m. Saturday outside St. Mary's, after two hospital security guards told police that Lemon had kicked over some trash cans near the hospital's parking garage, according to police.

Another man damaged a parking control arm at the garage entrance, but then ran away, the guards told police, adding that surveillance cameras captured the events.

Someone also turned over four large potted shrubs nearby, police said.

As police approached Lemon, he tried to stand and nearly fell, then sat down and told an officer he was only at the hospital because of his hurt teammates, according to the officer's report.

A small group of people, including two other Georgia football players, told police Lemon didn't do anything wrong, according to police. When an officer asked Lemon for his ID, Lemon said the officer just wanted to get football players in trouble in the campus newspaper, according to the report.

While officers handcuffed Lemon for the alcohol offense, some of the bystanders accused the security guards of causing his arrest, police said.

No one in the crowd would identify the person who damaged the parking device and fled, police said.

Brilliant. Forget football. Michael Lemon needs help.

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