Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tailgating readiness: Checklist edition

A friend of mine made a gameday checklist. And if I can help just one person not forget the flagpole stand by publishing her list, my work here will be a success.

Personal Items:
___ Red & Black attire
___ Gameday skivvies
___ Comfortable shoes
___ Georgia face “G’s”
___ Toothpaste/toothbrush
___ Toiletries
___ Gold Bond (Medicated)
___ Pajamas
___ Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags
___ Funny movies

Tailgating Essentials:

___ Food and beer or money for food and beer
___ Money for tickets (if applicable)
___ Coolers
___ Cups & koozies
___ Cigarettes and other health-depleting items
___ Beer (keg or BYOB), Andre, water
___ Gameday music (pre-mixed)
___ Chairs
___ Tables
___ Miscellaneous games and other bad ideas
___ Cameras
___ Advil
___ Georgia flag, flagpole
___ American flag, flagpole
___ Flagpole stand
___ Tent
___ Trashbags (including one for recycling)

Game time Necessities:
___ Tickets
___ Student IDs (if applicable)
___ Diet Coke
___ Whiskey
___ Wins

Alcohol: On there three times for a reason.

Flaming Steve Spurrier pinata: optional, but recommended.
Awesome friends: a must.

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