Monday, September 15, 2008

ASU: Check in with them Wednesdayish

I'm worried about the Arizona State game. And I regret last week's over confidence against a South Carolina team that is probably still defending Williams-Brice Stadium. Against the cleanup staff, or something.

You even can't get into the parking lot against those guys, but since the Columbia fairgrounds suck like hell, no one notices.

If we're what we want to be, perhaps we'll blow up in Tempe. I know it's going to come together this year. I just want to be undefeated when it happens.

Over/under on the number of Georgia fans arrested this weekend: Six. Over under on Georgia fans in attendance at Sun Devil Stadium: 12,500. Place your bets in the comments. Lucid Idiocy prize packs for the winners.

It never hurts to have a map. South Mill Ave. near the park looks good for bars.

A sampling of ASU blogs follows.

Pitchfork Nation:

Bring on 2009, sponsored by Chick-Fil-A.

Nice. Check back when he mentally prepares himself for what is potentially a huge moment for ASU football, if such a thing exists. Anyone who quotes Guns n' Roses and posts this picture can't be that bad.

Devils Blog:
Jeff Metcalfe is reporting that ASU is down to three candidates for its head coaching position, and that an announcement will be made in the next two days. The finalists are: Mike Price, Dennis Erickson, and Mike Riley. Please excuse me while I throw up.

And this guy didn't even know about the UNLV thing. Last post: Dec. 8, 2006.

Not to be confused with "the shocker." I think. Image: Arizona State Athletics.

"Sun of Sparky":
Let me start by apologizing for not updating this blog as regularly as I should. I started an MBA program in early January and it has taken more of my time than I anticipated. I did get the chance to attend the USC game in person yesterday. We were in line at the box office to purchase tickets when a kindly ASU fan handed me 2 tickets that he couldn’t use. Thank you, unknown ASU fan for saving me 50 bucks and for obeying Sun Devil Law #4: no ticket goes unused.

Good $%^$ing shit. We have a name for this in Georgia: Georgia tech. And I'm pretty sure the tickets sitting in the box office went unused.

House of Sparky:
I didn't think it could ever happen. I was 100% certain we would be 3-0 next week, taking on Georgia in a battle of conference supremacy.

He also referred to the UNLV game as "UNLV @ ASU, or 'The Week Before Georgia...'"

Funny how you overlook a game for a week, then spend Monday dwelling on it, huh?

Pitchfork Nation, there's just no telling what will happen on the field this week. But one thing is for certain, and it'll start happening Thursday night.

Georgia fans, should you need to contact Arizona State University President Michael M. Crow during your trip, his staff is listed here.

The number to the mayor's office in Tempe is listed here.

Arizona Sen. John McCain can be best reached through his campaign staff, I would think. Be prepared for it to take a while for him to return that call.

Finally, "302 miles" is the answer.


Hunkeirng Hank said...

I'm saying over on the 12,500 Dawg fans.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Better question: More Dawg fans arrested, or hospitalized with heat stroke.

Echo from the Buttes said...

You guys missed the best ASU blog on the web, Echo from the Buttes. You'd particularly enjoy our rankings of ASU's top five bars and our guide to tailgating in Tempe.

CB said...

Lucid, you know damn well that it's a dry heat in Tempe. No harm can come from a dry heat. As a matter of fact, I would pack a light windbreaker for the game. Better safe than sorry.