Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"This one's gonna be a doozy."

- My buddy Joe

Razor sharp analysis from a phone conversation Joe and I just had:
JOE: Are they gonna run the ball or are we gonna run the ball? I think that's the question.

ME: I think that is the question. What I would like to see is for this to be the day that the o-line gels.

JOE: Well, yeah. I certainly think there's a possibility that we go out and 35-7 them. Because, really, our offense shouldn't be stopped. Except for that o-line thing.

ME: That's a big thing.

JOE: This one could come down to special teams. What if Knowshon does a Superman return?

JOE: Do we have anyone that could stop Julio Jones?

ME: If Rashad Jones breaks him in half, I'm pretty sure that stops him.

JOE: But, A.J. man. I'm going to watch the game again tonight. I watched it last night and I'm going to watch it again tonight. That's going to be like I'm gonna have coffee in the morning and I'm gonna watch that first half.

ME: How many people do you think are gonna be in Athens for this thing?

JOE: I'm pretty sure all of them. I think the big loser this week is CBS. I mean, you know? Whammy.

JOE: What's downtown Athens gonna be like?

ME: Blackedout?

Joe's looking for a ticket, by the way. But aren't we all.

Other ideas considered: Bribery, parachuting in, just staying there Friday night, impersonating a reporter, impersonating a stadium worker, just staying there Friday night then impersonating a stadium worker, tunneling in, tunneling in via Tanyard Creek, impersonating Eric Zeier.

I hear Munson's seat is available.

Too soon?

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Brett said...

I hear Dr. Parker is familiar with the creek....and the cliff