Sunday, September 28, 2008

Worst half of Georgia football. But not a season.

There's a Munson line from a few years back, after the '99 Auburn game, that I think is appropriate.

A lot of people lost this weekend that would come under the heading of a surprise, but how many of them got embarrassed?

That may very well have been the worst half in Georgia football history. I'm pretty certain it's the worst I've ever seen, and the feeling is very similar to that 1999 Auburn game.

But there were some positive things in the 2nd half, including the crowd support with recruits looking on. The students did not leave. This picture was taken with 1:59 to go in the 4th:

Thanks, guys.

The team fought in that second half. Everything else... it just pales in comparison to the absolute vomit sickness that was that first half. I blame simply everyone.

Charley Trippi: Basically the only Dawg who saw the field Saturday I wasn't disappointed with.

Even so, we absolutely can still win the Southeastern Conference, and I suggest we re-dedicate ourselves to the fundamentals that will be needed to reach that goal.


SRQDawgs15 said...

Agree on the crowd support. I've already read something from Jarvis Jones saying that the crowd was great and sometimes teams just play like that. He said that the loss didn't really bother him and that the atmosphere was great. That was one positive that came out of the night, at least, although I think people are making this out to be worse than it really was. A lot of fluke things killed us, but we hung in and made it interesting in the 2nd half. We'll have our chance to play again if you regroup and get to ATL. A lot of other losses helped numb the pain.

Joy said...

I had to watch this one from home while Baxter went without me. My kids were afraid of all my screaming!

Anonymous said...

Well, Georgia now has a new "worst half in the history of Georgia football".

LSU 35, Georgia 0 in the second half on December 3, 2011.