Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Joe and Travis Tuesday conversation: Debbie downer LSU edition

Editor's note: Did not occur on a Tuesday.
ME: So, I don't know. What do you think... (sigh) What do you think about this LSU game?

JOE: We're gonna win.

ME: I don't know.

JOE: What makes you think that? the fact that Mark Richt is like 25-2 in opponent's stadiums?

ME: Yeah, but where did 50 percent of those losses come?

JOE: Yeah, I guess. (pause) That was Nick Saban's fault.

JOE: Put it like this : We're not going to lose both those $%#$!*@ games. So which one do you think we'll win?

ME: I don't know. The season could be over in a week and a half.

JOE: Are the odds that we lose both of these games, or win both of these games or win one of these games?

ME: That sounds like a math question. Why don't you just go back to tech?

JOE: Maybe I should do that. Go get an engineering degree and make a bunch of money and then set the place on fire. I could just engineer them right out of Atlanta.

ME: Finally something quotable.

JOE: We're just due to put it all together.

ME: I don't know. It seems like if we were going to put it all together, we'd have done it by now. Although, we did put it all together last year against Florida.

JOE: The odds are in our favor.

ME: We might have used up all of our odds last year.

JOE: The bottom line is they got two quarterbacks that would be third on our depth chart at best. ... So would John Parker Wilson. Oops.
For the record, though I told him to "get back to tech," Joe never went to tech. That would not have gone well for anyone involved.

I also took out the part where I asked where our offensive and defensive linemen would fall on LSU's depth chart. The ones that get to play. Not the injured and/or suspended ones.

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Nick said...

I wish you guys could do play by play for the game! I'll supply the 4th quarter whiskey.