Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quarterback play these days

Due to fact that I'm not really a College Football fan, but a Georgia fan, what I don't know could fill a warehouse. But does it seem like there is just a ton of fantastic quarterback play out there this year, or is it just something with the Big 12?

More informed people should discuss this.

Todd Reesing (Kansas), Tim Tebow (Milky Way Solar System), Zac Robinson (Okie State), Chase Daniel (Mizzou), Colt McCoy (Texas), Matt Stafford (Athens), Sam Bradford (Oklahoma), Graham Harrell (Texas Tech), Matt Sanchez (USC), Matt Sanchez's backup (I mean, presumably), David Johnson (Tulsa, No. 1 passer rating in the nation), Max Hall (BYU), Kellen Moore, Nate Davis and Josh Freeman (OK, now I'm just going off the stats), Daryll Clark (Penn State).

That doesn't even include Juice Williams at Illinois, former Heisman candidate turned "Who?" Pat White at West Virginia, pretty-damn-decent Matt Grothe at South Florida or the shockingly perhaps not ridiculously over-rated Jimmy Clausen at Notre Dame.

UPDATE: Begrudgingly, John Parker Wilson at Alabama. Then there's my personal favorite among injured PAC 10 quarterbacks who got screwed by over-zealous rule making, Jake Locker, Cullen "Big things used to be expected of me" Harper of Clemson, Rudy "Me, too, Cullen" Carpeneter at ASU, that supposed talent at Central Michigan and, holy hell, did you know The Pillsbury Throwboy's little brother started for UCONN before he got injured. By the way, UCONN's top athletic story right now is a TIE in WOMEN's HOCKEY.)


Hunkering Hank said...

FWIW - I thought the crowd showed up pretty well for the game!

Lucid Idiocy said...

We did. I was surprised how crowded the endzone student section was, what with all the tickets on the street before the game.

Hunkering Hank said...

I thought of your blog the other day (because you have occasionally put up photos of Church signs by the roadside) when I saw one on Arden in Buckhead that said: "BIBLE Basic Information Before Leaving Earth."