Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another win in 2008. And yet...

If you wanted to understand the Bulldogs' 2008 football season in 15 minutes, all you'd have to do is watch the first quarter of Auburn game. With the exception of spotty offensive line play (Stacy Searels deserves a medal), it was all there.

We racked up 158 yards on offense, averaging nine yards a play. We scored no points.

We muffed a punt. We had guy named Bagby on the coverage team.

We gave up a touchdown in frustrating fashion. When our 5-star safety should have hit someone so hard that it disrupted time, we blew it instead.

Playing down to competition, and winning anyway, has been something of a hallmark in the Richt era, and for Georgia in general. But now we're doing it with higher-ranked recruiting classes and, this year, against a very strong schedule.

The quality of the 2008 season will be decided by the tech game. And if we don't start doing the little things right on special teams and defense, things may go from mildly disappointing, but strong in the record books, to ridiculous.

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