Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coach Goff: This year "probably the toughest Georgia tech game we've had in a long, long time."

My actual job is covering politics for The Macon Telegraph. This afternoon Sen. Saxby Chambliss was in Perry for a rally, and Coach Ray Goff (Qb: '73-'76; captain, SEC player of the year for SEC champions in '76; Head Coach: '89-'95) was there.

Coach Goff, who has moved to Lake Blackshear, was kind enough to do a little video interview.

Nothing hard hitting. I just asked him what he thought of this year's team, why the wheels seem to come off sometimes in football, whether anyone ever calls one of his "Zaxby's" and asks to speak to "Saxby" and how he came to be wearing a yellow-and-blue shirt on Wednesday.

And I let him put in a plug for Sen. Chambliss. If Jim Martin's campaign can produce Jim Donnan, the same rules apply.


Dan said...

Small business owner my ass!
I met him once when I lived in one of his duplex's on Milledge ct. I had just finished my morning ritual after a tough night out in A-town. He knocked on the door and came in to see the place with a woman that worked for him. The room and me were quite foggy. I was not even on the lease. He was a very nice guy and made no mention of the obvious activities that had just gone on.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Saxby owns Zaxby's? If we're really that clueless then maybe we deserve Saxby for six more years. If re-elected, then maybe Sax'll have the chance to bail-out Georgia developers. And all the illegals working for them. And golf cart manufacturers. And restaurateurs. And farmers. (Ooops. America The Bank has been doing that for, like, forever.) And laid-off journalists. And small media consulting businesses. The possibilities are truly endless!

The UGA Graduate said...

Nicely done, Lucid.

Joy said...

Here's an idea, if we lose the filabuster, we can just send Goff to Washington. He apparently really likes to talk - and he's a lot better at it than he was at coaching!

Remember our Freshman year? Such misery!

Anonymous said...

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