Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'll put my heart and soul into the rest of the season. Can someone ask Tim Tebow for them back?

JOE: You get any sleep this week?

ME: Oh, yeah. Tons. But I haven't focused one bit on Kentucky. I'm just broken.

JOE: I had several conversations that went like: "Yeah, it was bad. Yeah, it sucked. Yeah. Yeah."

JOE: Can we talk about something else? We can talk about selling newspapers.

EDITOR's NOTE: Both Joe and I work for newspapers. And we sold a butt ton of those things Wednesday because of the presidential election. And Joe managed to throw away a copy of The New York Times, then be surprised those things were selling on Ebay for like a billion dollars. We are both morons.

ME: You know what I think we should do? When we know we're going to sell a bunch of newspapers on a day, we shouldn't put any in the single copy boxes. Just put a sign there telling folks to come to the main office. When they get there, we tell them there's three ways they can get a Barack Obama paper.

1. Pay us $5.
2. Buy a 1-year subscription right now.
3. We punch them in the face and say "This is why you subscribe to a newspaper!"

JOE: "..."

JOE: Yeah, I'm just gonna get drunk on Saturday and, whatever. Alabama / LSU and should be interesting. Texas Tech / Oklahoma State should be interesting.

ME: You think our game will be interesting?

JOE: I think it'll be way too close.

ME: You think there's any way the team is in the right frame of mind?

JOE: I don't see how they could be. I don't know. I don't want to talk about Georgia.

ME: What else can we talk about?

JOE: Barack Obama.

ME: Yeah, he really whipped that ass.

JOE: As my dad said, it was just like Georgia - Florida.

ME: It all comes back to that, doesn't it?

JOE: The odd thing was, it was blue annihilating red.

ME: Yeah.

JOE: Yeah.

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