Sunday, November 23, 2008


SEC leading receiver A.J. Green is on pace for the best single season in Georgia history, but senior Mohamed Massaquoi is having a good year himself.

David Hale did a nice piece on Massaquoi last week that talked about his leadership, on and off the field:
“He’s a football player,” (junior WR Kris) Durham said. “That’s just a good word. Some people are receivers, he’s a football player. He’s on special teams, he’s on punt return, he’s out there blocking so someone else can get the big play. You see Knowshon break one, who’s the first guy to congratulate him? Who’s making the key block? It’s Mohamed.”
Massaquoi has also put up some very solid numbers in his career to date.

This year, he's got 46 catches for 730 yards and 5 touchdowns. For his career it's 146 catches for 2,092 yards and 13 touchdowns.

That's good enough for fourth all time in receiving yards, and he's sure to overtake Lindsay Scott. From the media guide:
Terrence Edwards, 3,093 yards
Fred Gibson, 2,884 yards
Brice Hunter, 2,373 yards
Lindsay Scott, 2,098 yards
Mohamed Massaquoi, 2,092 yards
Reggie Brown, 2,008 yards

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