Sunday, November 9, 2008

More on the Kentucky game

One of the great talents in this world is an ability to sum things up. From the Gentleman from College:
"This team still hasn’t played a complete game this year and time is starting to run out."
I spoke to my Grandmother tonight, and eventually she asked me the score of the Florida game. And when I told her she said:
"I knew it was terrible, but I didn't know it was that bad."
That's the final word on the Florida game for me. My grandmother considers it surprisingly worse than terrible.
Voicemail from my buddy Joe during the Kentucky game:
Stafford looks like a Mad Scientist out there, dude. He's just throwing shit all over the place. (pause.) Freaking me out a little bit."
And this one's from my buddy Dan. It would prove to be a popular sentiment:
"Hey man, you feel like somehow we've gone back to the Jim Donnan days all of a sudden? I wonder if we'll wear our black pants to the Outback Bowl."
Redemption, thy name is Mohamed Massaquoi.
How did we manage to get a facemask penalty on 4th and hopeless without actually touching a Kentucky player's facemask?

I tried to actually answer that question, but the NCAA College Football rule book is 266 pages long and contains sentences like this:
The basic spot on legal kick plays before a change of possession is the previous spot, and fouls by the offensive team behind the basic spot are spot fouls.
Suck it, NCAA.

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Nick said...

That was a classic Dan line!