Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Tuesday convesation: Now on Thursday, with another character, and referred to as a discussion

My buddy Dan steps in for Joe this week to prove the obvious: If we're talking on the phone, I might be taking notes.
DAN: You going to the game on Saturday?

ME: I don't know. I kind of want to stay in Macon, but then I think about Knowshon going for a buck-80 at Jordan-Hare and I don't think I can resist that. What do you think about this game, man?

DAN: I don't really know. Still, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we beat them like 43-0.

ME: You think the defense has really taken this change of attitude to heart?

DAN: Yeah, I do. But I don't know if it's gonna make a difference. Is that going to make them tackle anybody? I don't know. Are they gonna be angry when they miss tackles now?

DAN: We've got three more games in the Matthew Stafford Era.

ME: You think so?

DAN: Definitely.

ME: If he leaves, he didn't accomplish much in my book. A lot of talent and a Sugar Bowl victory.

DAN: Maybe The Joe Cox Era will be better for Bulldog fans.

ME: Name three words that strike fear into the hearts of Bulldog fans.

DAN: What?

ME: The Joe Cox Era. Wait. That's four words.

DAN: Matt Stafford is less likely to stay than Tubby Smith. He's a top 5 pick. They're going to give him $30 million. You can go get yourself a Testarossa. Would you even consider staying and eating at Bolton? Knowshon's a possibility, but I don't see either of them staying.
We'll see. Funny how I'm worried about 5-5 Auburn, but I think Stafford and Moreno come back next year and we win about 15 National Titles.

As for Joe, here's his Auburn prediction: "We're due for a good game. Although Auburn is that wildcard."

UPDATE: Oh, crap, now I feel even worse. The Senator says Tuberville sat three starters last Saturday, presumably to keep them fresh for us and Alabama.

We've got two games left this year, and it's safe to say both teams have had us circled on their calendars for at least a year.

UPDATE 2: And damn that David Hale:
Against Kentucky last week, Georgia had a punt blocked, shanked another punt that set the Wildcats up with great field position, muffed a punt return of their own that set them up for a drive at their own 3, and allowed two long kick returns, including a 96-yarder by Winston Guy that set up a UK touchdown.

That doesn't even mention the fact that field-goal kicker Blair Walsh has missed five of his past eight attempts, and head coach Mark Richt chose to go for it on fourth-and-6 at Kentucky's 33 rather than attempt a 50-yard field goal. Georgia ended up turning the ball over on downs.

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