Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All I want for Christmas

This came to me in the email. If you put it together, well done. Let me know so I can give you credit.


Anonymous said...

Somebody on the Dawgvent...


Nick said...


Peter Robert Casey said...

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Anonymous said...

We have not had an Offense in the 8-Year Coach Richt Era, averaging the Number 50 NCAA Total Offense.

We also have not kicked off well, at all during the 8-Year Coach Richt Era and this year compounded that with 8 missed field goals and another 8 kickoffs out-of-bounds.

In addition, we have not returned the kickoffs well during the 8-Year Coach Richt Era. We suck at kickoffs both sides of the ball under the watchful eye of Jon Fabris, Special Teams (Ed?) Coach.

While we speak of the Coach Richt Era, we have now had 103 Suspensions (Arrests) in just the 8-Year Period to lead the nation.

Speaking of leading the nation, we are the 2nd worst penalized team this season, in addtion to punctuate our lack of discipline in the Coach Richt Era.

In Recruiting, frequently we have recruited 7 and 8 OL and then had no Scholarship to Offer to the Top OL the following years. Now, this season, we have no senior and no junior RB, just 1 sophomore who likely as not will leave.

We have done the same at RB, with now this season 4 Freshmen Tailbacks and 1 Sophomore with no senior or junior RB.

In the Coach Richt Era, we have finished with an Average Ranking in the Polls of Number 15 Final Polls, all 8 years now of the Coach Richt Era; and, for a team with over 100 Suspensions (Arrests), it has become intolerable to all of us.

We have 10 Scholarships tied up at WR, and now that a top wide receiver wants to come here, he is more interested in whether Stafford is staying or going to decide or go to Auburn as he committed to. We lose Massaquoi and that's it from this list. How well has the receivers' coach John Eason done ? Taught them how to drop the football until we got AJ Green who did catch the ball right out of the shoot. Show how good is John Eason, either ?

On QB, we have had 10 Top 10 Rivals' QB in the nation recruited here, inflating our Recruit Rankings every year of the Coach Richt Era, but have accomplished playing but 1 at any time.

And, the 1 we did play in the disappointing 2006 and 2008 seasons, including his reasonable 2007 with Knowshon Moreno, has fumbled the football 18 times on 135 carries for 13 percent of the time he runs the ball, he fumbles it. Stafford also has 32 interceptions to only 48 TD in his 38 games to-date.

We have all these issues and all that you discuss is fire Willie Martinez.

Like that will fix all these known issues.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Anonymous, no one here has discussed firing anyone.

Anonymous said...


Your writing is as bad as your reasoning.

Anonymous said...


Your writing is as bad as your reasoning.

Anonymous said...


You write and think like a retard.

Anonymous said...


Let me put it in terms you can understand.

You Stupid.

Joy said...

Drama?? What's that guy's problem? I was just going to point out that you got what you wanted for Christmas - Defense. Feels good when Santa delivers, huh?