Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The best thing about New Years, is the Christmas lights

Georgia tech made this far less funny a couple weeks ago, but this is an actual program being run by their booster organization:
Retailers often say that they don't stock Georgia Tech merchandise because there is no demand. The new program outfits Yellow Jacket fans with "I Want MY GT" cards to put in the hands of retailers, encouraging them to sell Georgia Tech products. Specifically, the message on the card states, "Dear Retailer, I'm one of thousands of Yellow Jacket fans, and I want my GT! You can help us show our school pride by carrying Georgia Tech merchandise and we'll help you become an official Buzz Stop."
Fans are also asked to sign a pledge:

I, Your Name: , do solemnly pledge before Buzz and on all that is white and gold to let retailers know that I want my GT!

It's like they do these things on purpose.
Me at some point during the SEC Title game:
I feel a little like the Russian crowd in Rocky IV.

I still hate America, but Tim Tebow has made me stop hating him.

Wait, that can't be right...
Also during the SEC Championship, Brent Musberger said he wants an elite committee of former coaches and players to name the two teams playing for the National Championship. I agree, but think it could be more than two.

It should be however many it takes, with the number changing each year, if that's what makes sense that year. I'm happy to vote.
Maybe Tebow's Drago. Like he killed Apollo this year, but Rennie Curran's going to tackle him in downtown Gainesville this Christmas...

I don't know. He's got that spiked hair.

And the freaking high school Tim Tebow almost scares me more than the current one:

We will not be stopped. I will not be stopped, right now.
In Athens the other day, I visited the gymnastics/basketball practice complex adjacent to Stegman Coliseum for the first time. That place is awesome.

I noticed we named the center after Nine Time National Champion Gymnastics Coach Suzanne Yoculan, but we put a picture of Don Leeburn by the door.

"Don Leeburn's contribution to the new facility made the naming of the Suzanne Yoculan Gymnastics Center possible," says the plaque at the front door and just outside coaches' offices.

Just the naming, huh? Where's the plaque that says, "And don't you forget it, Babe."

Finally, I am happy to report that the Christmas lights are out in downtown Athens. And they are just as beautiful as ever.

The song they remind me of has horns.

The best part thing New Year's is the Christmas lights...

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