Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Felton: "The next time we take the floor, we're gonna be a transformed team."

As I was driving home from tonight's basketball game and listening to the post-game show (Dawgs beat Virginia Tech 67-66 with a pretty darn good second half of play), Head Coach Dennis Felton promised significant improvement from the team by the time they play Wofford.

That's 11 days from now, due to a break for finals.

Having not learned my lesson during previous years, this gives me hope for the season. And I say we hold him to his promise. Because the team I saw tonight, with just a little work, could climb right into the middle echelon of conference mediocrity.

And I say that in all seriousness and with a sense of optimism.

Some of the 350 people attending these games deserve it.

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