Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The renaming of East Campus Road

In lieu of talking about not tackling.

It's been on my mind for a while. Current possibilities:
1980 Boulevard
Dooley-Walker Road
Walker-Dooley Road
Steel Chair Street
Considering the world's agreement that Herschel Walker might be The Greatest College Football Running Back of All Time, it's pretty staggering that there is no statue of the guy at the stadium.

It's not like everyone can't think of a good pose. He could be doing this. Or this. Or this. Potentially this. Or this. This might be over the top. But maybe this.

Or this, which has sound.

We might have to name the entire campus after Munson.

The Dooley garden seems nicely done. Tim Tucker at The AJC had this at the bottom of a piece he did last week:
A noted lover of plants, Dooley... accompanied renowned horticulturist and former UGA professor Michael Dirr and Atlanta landscape architect Alex Maddox to a nursery in Hickory, N. C., to personally select many of the trees and shrubs that have been planted in the plaza.

Maddox said visitors “will see plants they don’t normally see — weeping plants and variegated pines,” among others. And plenty of Dooley’s beloved Japanese maples.

The center of attention, though, is the bronzed Dooley, held aloft by players wearing Nos. 64 and 88. The numbers represent the first (1964) and last (1988) seasons that Dooley coached the Dogs. On the back of the bronzed jerseys, the players’ names are “National” and “Champions."
I'll tell you a secret about reporters: We like to put cool stuff at the end.

The Dooley Garden is fine. Until President Adams leaves and we can move the statue to the stadium and keep the park, too. The Michael Adams Athletic Complex Dawg Park. That has a certain ring to it.


Joy said...

So, you think we should name our athletic complex after a British World Chess Champion? Interesting...

I know who Michael Adams is, but you might want to check your link there - ha!

I take East Campus all the time, I vote for Larry Munson Boulevard. Either that, or the more obvious, "Shirtless Jogger Drive"

Anonymous said...

I vote for "potentially this" as it shows Herschel beating tech.

Since we can't replace East Campus Rd with Bourbon St, let's use 'Wild Turkey Lane'


Mackalicious said...

To be honest I think the Michael Adams Dawg Park would be a HORRIBLE idea. People would come from miles around to NOT pick their dog's shit up.