Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yeah, like you want Kirby Smart starting at safety

Uh, no offense there Kirby...

Last night, Joe and I were talking about Dacula wide receiver Cameron Kenney, who committed to Oklahoma. And it was a revelation, at least to me, that Cameron is a white guy.

Oh, stereotypes. You're probably around for absolutely no reason at all.
ME: If you were to make a list of rules you live your life by, how far down would you get before "no white guys on defense" showed up?

JOE: I don't know, man. At least top 10.

JOE: I should really work on that, get those set down. How high would you put "Whiskey on Gameday?"

ME: It'd be right up there. But I don't know, man. Does that even have to be written down? Isn't that like making a mental note to obey the laws of gravity?
Obvious exceptions: Terry Hoage, Jake Scott, Charley Trippi and David Pollack, who I'm pretty sure is white. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

UPDATE: Upon further review, the irrelevant subject of Mr. Kenney's race may be in question.


Bernie said...

I would have to add Scott Woerner to that list. He single handedly beat ClemPson back in '80.

Erajh said...


What about Sri Lankans? You need a few on defense and offense and special teams.

Greg Mullis said...

Kirby Smart is one of my all-time favorite dawgs. I hate that he got away as a coach.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Erajh - That island is like the size of Valdosta. And Valdosta has good football players. Ergo, Sri Lanka must have good football players.

Greg - I like Kirby Smart, too. Always thought he got a bad rap. But, hey, I like cheap laughs.

And you never know. He might be back in the fold one day.